Meet the team

Although many assume Jason inherited a family business, Jason was actually the first in his family to want to be a funeral director! And although he and his wife Nicola have six children between them, it looks as though he’s the last too J Jason started ‘Jason Morrison Funeral Service’s in 1991, after spending 5 years gaining his qualifications and experience through Dils funeral services in Auckland.

The funeral home itself sits right in the heart of Warkworth township, where the back garden, waterfall and car parking area, backs onto the gently winding Mahurangi River. The building started life as a simple family home, which with a lot of personal vision, has expanded a bit like Topsy….  to include a delightful chapel, viewing and arrangement rooms over the years.

Over his 35 years in the business, Jason's tireless team of one... has grown to a phenomenal team of six! 

Each with unique strengths which we bring to the team. Read on to find out more about who we are, and what each person considers their strength to be.  


Jason Morrison

I started my funeral career in 1986 on Auckland's North Shore, and after five years, decided the time had come to set up my own funeral home. Having lived in Warkworth for most of my life, I decided to open locally, on Whitaker Road, central to the Warkworth township.

I've seen many changes over the years, as the business has grown, particularly in the area of technology.
When I first began, funerals were mostly held in churches or in our chapel. However people's expectations and needs have changed over the years, and so now we take our mobile sound systems, video, recording and whatever else our families want to a huge range of locations; beaches, local parks, halls, clubs, wineries and even to people's own homes. The constant need to change and adapt, has meant that this profession, has never felt like work to me. I enjoy working with a team of people I can trust and serving a community of people who are now long time friends, of mine, my wife's and our children.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially tripping around the country with my wife in our bus, and when home, relaxing with friends over a meal. Our work life keeps us both very much focussed on our local community, and means that we have developed many deep relationships which brings us great satisfaction.


Eddie Allen

I grew up in Hamilton, and have lived in Napier and Zambia over the years, and I now live in Whangaparaoa.
With experience gained through the building industry, teaching profession, and missionary work I gained a passion for people and was drawn to the funeral service in 2004 on my return from Zambia.
I have a National Diploma in Embalming and Funeral Directing, and am passionate about helping people as they begin their journey of grief, both as individuals and as families, as they face the death of somebody dear to them.
I have been married to the same beautiful lady for nearly 40 years. We have three adult children and two grandchildren. My leisure interests revolve around family, church involvement, motorcycling, and armchair sport. I always seem to be making-over our house, and did manage to complete the Orewa Half Marathon a year or two back as well.


Nicola Morrison

After going to the funeral of a friend's mother in 1994 which was honest and 'real', I was inspired to become a celebrant myself.
Since then I have gained my qualification as a celebrant, won awards for public speaking, studied for certificates in grief work and NLP and have taken many funerals and weddings. I am passionate about my role as a celebrant, as I get to tell the stories of so many interesting 'ordinary' people.... and although sometimes those stories can be heart breaking, the positive feedback I receive really helps me to keep going through some of the tougher stories.

Before working in this industry I worked mainly in the corporate world, and though interesting, it was impersonal and set goals I just couldn't get passionate about. This role, as celebrant and funeral director changes every day, brings me face to face with incredible people, people who keep me real, and gives me an opportunity to use my story telling skills in a way that makes a positive difference.

Once home I love spending time with my beautiful husband, our gorgeous children and three grandchildren Sophie, Eli and Kaidyn. In my spare time....I love to walk our two dogs Biscuit and Frankie, who are full of energy and mischief, paint and write . I'm currently working on a book about grief.... Although with a busy household and working full time, 'spare' time is extremely rare! 





Debbie Clark


Debbie is an outgoing and delightfully calm lady with a genuine heart for people. She has a wealth of experience within the funeral and monumental industry, and in office management. She is married to the lovely Rob and has two gorgeous girls, Emma and Georgia. 

When you ring the funeral home, it's likely to be Debbie who answers the phone.... as she has an uncanny ability to get the the call first, whilst simultaneously juggling office work, accounts, and a million other things at the same time. She is the ultimate grand master of multi tasking! 
On talking to Debbie, you will no doubt, be immediately calmed by her gentle nature, and impressed by her extensive professional knowledge. You will instantly know therefore, that you're in good hands :) 

Debbie is a typical super mum, who takes enormous pride in looking after her family, and her friends, gives 100% to her work, loves cooking, entertaining, listening to Ronan Keating, watching 'A Star Is Born for the 'th time or just walking on the local beaches, with their pet pooch Holly.