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What to do with the ashes?

Once the funeral service is over there is one more task that many find difficult to face.
We know it isn't always easy to come in and pick up ashes.
In fact for some, it can actually be the hardest part.
Sometimes the problem isn't just coming in,
it's what to do with the ashes once you have collected them.
There are many different ideas you can choose from.
Scattering in a favourite place, putting the ashes in a water urn and floating them out at sea,
interring the ashes in a cemetery or your own garden,
pouring the ashes into a specially created sculpture,
placing some in a locket or specifically designed jewellery,
or in a custom made frame along with a photo of your loved one.
Or maybe you have something else in mind.
Or maybe, you are still unable to face the final step.
We understand.
As Albert Einstein said "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."
So the ashes will be safe here with us, until you are ready to face the final step.


Headstones and Plaques

Choosing the right headstone or plaque to memorialise your loved one's grave is an important step. We suggest that you take a wander around the cemetery to get a feel for the type of monuments which are already there. While you're walking around, see which one's stand out to you.
Think about the size, style, colour and shape.
There may be one that is exactly how you would design it, or maybe just a few elements from a selection of stones. Consider how your loved one's headstone will fit in with the surroundings, or stand apart from them.
Once you have a general idea of the kind of stone you want, call and make a time to see us, and we'll take care of it all.
The design process is essential and usually takes a number of weeks to get perfect. Time spent here, is a good investment, as once the design is completed it then gets set in stone....
So you will be consulted through every stage, with regular proofs and updates until your perfect design is found. When we have your approval, we go ahead with the manufacture.
This process all takes time....The manufacture can take a few months to complete, and installation times are dependent upon weather conditions.
However, the time spent is a worthwhile investment as although good things take time,
perfection takes a little longer - and just like you, we want your loved one's memorial to be perfect.