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Pre Planning

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Pre-planning and Death Denial

We New Zealanders have a very strong death denial culture, so we generally don't like talking about death.
if the subject comes up, it's often glossed over with a "she'll be right" attitude or "oh there's plenty of time to think about all that..." 
You may have tried raising the idea of pre-planning your funeral to your loved one's and been faced with similar attitudes.
The reality is pre-planning your funeral, or at least putting some thought into it, isn't being 'morbid' it's being practical.
When the people we love die, it can be very stressful and we don't always think straight when we're stressed.
By pre-planning, you will buy your family future peace of mind. And also take the stress and worry of making sure you get what you want, and that, will give you peace of mind too.

So give us a call, and we'll make a time to have a chat
and go through all the questions with you.
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Cheap Funeral - No Fuss

This is something we hear quite often,someone saying they 'just want to be disposed of' to save fuss and stress to the family. The 'no fuss' request, often comes from a desire to make things easier on the family once they've gone...  The problem with this however, is that the family, often have a need to mourn the person's death, and 'no funeral' means there is no place to adequately do this, thus causing more stress.
Sometimes underlying this request is the issue of cost, and of course, there are costs involved.
However, a funeral doesn't have to be expensive. There are significant ways that costs can be kept at bay. Sensible choices that can be made, or delegated which ensure the funeral itself meets all your immediate and ongoing needs, including your budget.
So, talk to us about funeral or memorial services, we have a great deal of experience and advice to share 


A pre-paid funeral is a means of paying, or part paying funeral expenses in advance of being needed.

Pre-paid Funerals are taken out for a variety of reasons such as peace of mind, or as a legal way of reducing assets for Asset Testing purposes - to qualify for the Residential Care Subsidy, for example.
At Jason Morrison Funeral Services we offer the FDANZ Funeral Trust. This plan is owned by the Funeral Directors' Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) where client monies are held in trust until the time of death.
The plan does accrue a nominal amount of interest.
At the time of the funeral should there be a surplus of funds in the account, the balance will be paid into the estate.