What We Do

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We take care of everything

Funerals are our business,
so we can take care of everything....or just the bare minimum. 
The choice is yours. 
From the transfer and care of your loved one, to a headstone or plaque - and everything in between.
We have been helping local families celebrate the lives of their loved ones for over 30 years.

Talk to us today and let us help you design the perfect celebration of your loved one's life. 

Contact us today Phone 425 7707

Individualising the funeral

No one wants to go to a boring funeral! 
That's why we aim to make the service as individual as your loved one.
So bring your ideas and your memories and together, we'll custom design the
one which not only reflects who they are... 
but creates a perfect, memorable funeral experience for their family and friends. 




Why choose us?

We are a small friendly locally owned funeral home, with many years of experience in the funeral industry. Every one of our team can be trusted to take care of you and your family, with respect and empathy.

We are members of the the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. (FDANZ)
Who hold us accountable to ethical standards in all aspects of funeral care.

So when you choose us, you are guaranteed of a meaningful farewell... and backed by the comfort of knowing that in everything we do, our standards are ethical, professional and guaranteed. 



We have a portfolio of local catering companies who provide reasonably priced menus
and can deliver or bake on site. 

Clergy or Celebrant

We have a wonderful team of local celebrants and clergy who we are confident to recommend. Or you may know of someone within your family, or friend group, that would be open to taking a service.
We also have a qualified in house celebrant who's been taking all kinds of services, for over 25 years.
Her particular specialty is telling a life story that's interesting, accurate and real.
 She also has experience and qualifications in the grief industry,
a gift for public speaking, and has a first hand experience of loss and grief.

Audio Visual Equipment

Our equipment is of the highest standard, and our team operate every facet of this service
leaving you to simply relax and experience the moment, without the hefty costs
associated with employing 'outside' specialists.

Caskets and Urns

We have a large range of caskets, from wooden, cardboard, wicker, fabric, MDF painted and plain.
As a proudly New Zealand owned company, our range contains many environmentally friendly options.



We have private rooms available for viewings, or, you may wish to have your loved one at home. Alternatively we can arrange viewings at the venue directly before the funeral begins

Natural and Eco' Funerals

We often get asked if we can arrange natural funerals. The simple answer is yes, definitely.
We're committed to making sure funeral services are as environmentally friendly as possible.
Let us know your thoughts and we will guide you through all the available options.

In Home Funerals and Care

Some families have expressed an interest in taking care of their loved one, after they have died.
If this is something you may be interested in, talk to us, as we are trained 'in home care providers' 
and can guide you through the steps you will need to take to make this happen. 


Embalming is a service provided to ensure that family and friends will have safe access 
and a positive experience when viewing their loved one.
Embalming at Jason Morrison Funeral Services
is carried out in accordance with the New Zealand Embalmers Association code of ethics.

There are 3 reasons for embalming:

Sanitisation: The body is totally disinfected which renders micro organisms harmless. The chemical used is simply one which splits protein, thus stopping the natural decay of the blood, allowing family and friends to view and touch the body without risk to their health.

Preservation: All tissue is preserved which slows down the natural decomposition of the body.
The preservation can be adjusted in each individual case to allow for short, medium and long term preservation.

Presentation: Embalming reconstitutes a naturally firm clean surface to apply cosmetics, dress and carry out restorative work on the body if necessary. For further information on the embalming process you may want to visit the New Zealand Embalmers Association website at www.nzembalmers.org.

Financial Arrangements

At the arrangement, we will guide you through all the costs and supply you with an estimate of charges. Please let us know if you have any financial concerns, as we are committed to making sure that the funeral won't leave you with the stress of a debt which cannot be serviced.

In some cases there are grants available to help with costs, from places such as ACC or Work and Income. Again, simply let us know and we can direct you to all the help available.


We are members of the FDANZ and so are internationally linked to professionals overseas.
Call us anytime if you need further information