Where to begin

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What to do first.

When someone you love dies, if you are on your own, one of your first phone calls should be to a family member or a close friend who can be of immediate support. They may be able to make the calls to other family members which will take some of the immediate pressure off you.

Then simply call us 094257707 and we will guide you through the next steps.

We will ask the name of your loved one's doctor, as they will need to verify the 'cause of death'. And from this point on, we take our instructions from you. We will only do as much, or as little as you need.
With your permission, we will transfer your loved one into our care, and make a time to meet with you and discuss your thoughts around funeral arrangements.

Often when someone dies, there is shock, even if the death is 'expected'... So don't be in too much of a hurry to make decisions straight away. 
Once the initial phone calls have been made,
you can take time to decide what you want to do next.
There really is no rush.... and we will be here to guide you every step of your way.

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When someone dies while in care   

When someone dies in the hospital, hospice or nursing home medical staff will contact the doctor to issue a cause of death certificate. The nursing staff will notify the next of kin and will usually prepare the deceased so you will be able to spend time with them before we transfer them into our care.

When someone dies unexpectedly

If someone dies unexpectedly -  without any warning of prior illness, call the police,
and they will determine if the death needs to be referred to the coroner.

A death by accident, whether it involves motor vehicles or not, will involve the police.
Once they have completed their scene examination they may conclude theat the Coroner needs to be involved.

You can let the police know who your preferred funeral director is, and they will contact us with the details.
If the coroner is involved they will carry out further investigative work to determine the cause of death.
Once completed, we will then arrange to transfer your loved one into our care, and meet with you to arrange the funeral.


Natural funerals

As New Zealanders we're actively interested in making 'green' choices in life, so why not in death too?
There are many options around death which can be made to reflect an individual person's values regarding environmentally friendly ethics.
With many years of experience in all aspects of funeral and death care,
we aim to give honest and sensible information to enable you to uphold your ethical values,
whilst simultaneously using common sense
to ensure those choices are practical - financially, health-wise and logistically - for all concerned.

Talk to us about all your concerns... and remember, nothing is too small a concern. We're here to help, and have many years of qualified experience in the industry so can speak knowledgeably to you about all your options.