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Taking care of you and those you love

Funerals, Cremations
Memorial Services...

Our team are fully trained in all aspects of funeral care.
Natural, no embalming, traditional, personalised, in home, modern, eco friendly,
with our assistance, D.I.Y or without.
Our aim is to make the time around the loss of your loved one,
as easy as we can, and pride ourselves
on helping each individual family find their perfect choices.
Our services start from as little as
....with no hidden costs.
Full disclosure.

Funeral and memorial services are not only our business,
they are our passion. So you can trust in our qualified and personal care
knowing that, with us, you and your loved ones
will receive the very best care.

Our small and friendly team are committed to ensuring you receive 
the guidance and support you need through 
your time of loss,
at a pace that suits you. 

Your long term emotional well being is very important to us, so....
We will guide you through all your options, taking special care to ensure that this first step forward following the death of your loved one,
sets you in the right direction towards your journey through grief. 

With us on your team, you and those you love, are in safe hands.

In addition as we are recognised as professionals in the Funeral industry,
we are governed by the Funeral Directors Association Of New Zealand
which means you also have the protection of their guidelines and policies.
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Bringing your family together,
with Live Streaming via Oneroom.

It isn't always possible for people to attend a funeral service. Many people work and live overseas, and getting home is simply not an option. Or perhaps, they are unable to be there because of health issues, time constraints, or just the crazy busyness of life!
 This is why, we have live streaming available in our funeral chapel.
An easy to access, high quality service which allows those you love,
to view the service, either as it happens, or at a later date.

The funeral is captured through two camera views,
and then streamed in high quality footage across the internet.
Accessed through a secure individual link.

This is just one of the options that we offer to
ensure that your loved one's life
is honoured in a way which truly reflects them,
and caters to the needs of all the people their life touched.

Call and chat to one of our friendly team today,
to discover how we can help you to create the perfect tribute. 

Find out more about your options

Why Jason Morrison Funeral Services?

  • Guidance to ensure you get your funeral YOUR way
  • We help design the perfect tribute to your loved one, within your budget
  • We are 100% locally owned and operated
  • We listen because we care
  • Full transparency. No hidden costs, we provide a written estimate
  • Caring professional, fully qualified staff 
  • Natural Eco friendly funerals  
  • Live streaming available

Talk to us to get personalised funeral services

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I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful help we received from Jason Morrison Funeral Services in Warkworth at the time of our friend Lindsay's passing.  They were efficient, caring, thoughtful and took care of all the details required in a totally thorough and professional manner.
Through their willingness to oblige, a memorable and beautiful service and burial was arranged which went immaculately to plan.

- Catherine Young

Low Cost Funerals

The time around the loss of a loved one is often extremely stressful...
And on top of that stress, there comes the weight of having to plan a funeral, or some kind of acknowledgement that someone we love
has just died. And then figure out how to pay for it all....
Simply, it can be overwhelming. 

So we make it our priority to ensure this is as easy as possible.
To achieve this, we will guide you through all the options which are available to you.
Talk to you about your needs, and if you want, determine how much you can do yourself. As everyone has different ideas... (even sometimes within the same family!) we talk to you about yours, and make sure that those that are a priority for you, are also a priority for us. 

We have been in the business of helping our local families through their time of grief, for over 30 years. We do this because we care about the people we serve, and want to make sure that we enable everyone that comes to us to begin their grief journey in the best possible way.

So if cost is an issue for you, please talk to us today and let us help you plan an affordable, low cost funeral or memorial service that best suits your needs and budget.  

In addition to point of need funerals, we also have secure pre-payment plans, and can help you make the future decisions that are right for you and your family.

So talk to us today, and let us guide you through the options,
to find those that are perfect for you.


Read more about pre-planning or pre-paying your funeral 

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Headstones and Plaques 

Once the funeral is over, you may wish to consider a memorial.

There are many options available so when you're ready,
call and make a time to see our memorial consultant Debbie.

Debbie will guide you through the various options
and - as 
it will be around for generations to come,
she will work with you to make sure that by the time it is 'cast in stone'
it is perfect in every way.

Find out more about memorial options  

Call us today and find out why generations of families choose to return to us

Get peace of mind about funeral arrangements today

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